All Saints' United Methodist Church

A Christian community in the heart of Brier Creek

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Worship on Sundays, 10:30am

120 Smallwood Dr. Morrisville, NC 27560

10 for 10

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On November 5, 2017, All Saints' celebrated its 10 year anniversary.  To commemorate 10 years of God's generosity to us, we handed out $10 to each person who worshipped with us.  The only stipulation is that each person use the money to be a saint in the world.  

We'd love to hear your stories of how you used this money to love, bless, care for, or bring joy to someone in the world. 

Please share those stories here


Here's one story: 

"On Thursday, November 8, I will visit Rex Hospital and I will hand my $10 to Rebecca Sasser, the lady who checks my INR (measure of thickness and thinness of my blood - something I must do every month to ensure that I don't go into atrial fibrillation).  Every year, Rebecca Sasser takes a trip to dangerous Honduras where, as part of the Sharefish ministry, she will provide medicine and care to the children of the very poor village of El Carrizo in that country.  She makes that trip every year with others who are part of the Raleigh-based ministry.  Have a look at that ministry at and you'll see a sample of their work.  My $10, plus the All Saints' $10, will help to buy the medicines that Rebecca will take with her to Honduras in June 2018.  If you like what you see on the Sharefish site, you might like to add your $10 to that wonderful ministry!" - Myron Miller

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