Children, Families, & Youth

All Saints' has a wealth and variety of families and our ministries which reflect the mosaic of loved ones in our church. Below are some of the events and programs our congregation is offering in the coming months and weeks: 

Children's ministry Calendar

From birth to fifth grade, led by caring and trained adults in the basics of faith, scripture, and the church, Children's Ministry works to gather families, adults, and kids into communion together with Jesus Christ. For more info and to see the calendar, see the link. 

How to: Children in Worship

At All Saints', we believe we worship best when every generation is together; singing, praying, and being served all as one. For our youngest Saints, here are four places we can share together on Sundays: 

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The Rotation model

For Sunday morning Children’s Connexion, to help us better teach our youngest Saints’ and care for our volunteers, we are transitioning from a traditional model of Sunday School, to a much more efficient and original framework of Christian Education. 

Pray ground Details and information

 How we welcome the children into our faith community and our weekly worship is critical and vital to the mission of the Church. You can find out more info, along with instructions, about our new worship space for families at the link below

2017-18 Waiver & Release

Here is the most recent and up to date liability release form for AS'. It contains medical info, media release, and contact info. Please print out and either hand in at church or email to the church office. Thanks! 

Summer '18 Mission Trips

Responding to both hurricane damage and urban poverty, All Saints' will be sending two groups, to Immokalee, Florida and Asheville, North Carolina in the summer of 2018. Both trips are open for registration and participants. 

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Youth Group Calendar

Teenagers learning and living the Christian life as seen through scripture in their schools, families, and the world. We meet twice a month with middle and high school together with brave adult volunteers. For questions about youth group, ask Brandi

Safe Sanctuaries Training Slides.001.png

Safe sanctuaries training

Safe Sanctuaries is a ministry approach and social structure that allows our churches, classrooms, mission encounters, camps and retreats, and all spaces where we gather to worship and serve God to be places of trust. Click the link below for training. 

Confirmation 2018 Square.png

Confirmation 2018 details 

Like a way station, Confirmation is a place where students renew their commitment to the journey we have been traveling while under the care of others. For 7-9th grade students, it will begin February 25 and meet for four weeks over the next month.