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From the moment that the world began to spin, God has been at work to create. Where there is chaos, God creates order. Where there is devastation, God creates beauty. Where there is barrenness, God creates hope. Where there is death, God creates life. In God’s hand, all things are being made new, but God will not do this work alone. We are co-creators with God.

In this stewardship season, we make commitments, naming the ways that God will create with us in the coming year. We invite you to use the form below to indicate how you will name the ways that God will create with you in 2019 - through your financial gifts, your time, your prayers, your presence at All Saints’ and your engagement in the community.  Please have every member of your household fill out a form individually.  

To help you discern where God is calling you to serve in our congregation and beyond, you will find here a Gifts Survey. By filling out this survey, you can gain a better sense of the ways that you can best create with God.

Generosity of our time and our finances is a core calling for followers of Jesus, recognizing that all of the gifts we have received belong to God and are to be used by God. By completing the survey, and filling out the form below, we are offering ourselves to God in the work of creating beauty and goodness at All Saints’ and beyond.

Questions about pledging?  Check out these Pledging FAQs.

Our 2019 budget needs total $580,000.  We look forward to continuing in the good work of creating with you and God in 2019! 

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If you are able, please choose a way that you will help contribute to the operations of the church during 2017.
Your pledge will be strictly confidential and only accessible by our Financial Secretary, Minister of Administration and Senior Pastor. The Annual Budget provides funds for the day to day and week to week operation and ministry of the church as well as the maintenance and care for our buildings and the mortgage payments.
I am unable to financially give at this time.