Gathering Season, Ordinary Gatherings

Sharing Stories

During the Gathering phase of the Table, ask one or two people to share each week, using the below questions.  The goal of this season of the Table Life is to listen to each other's stories in order to get to know each other and to help us practicing articulating and hearing the stories of God's grace in our lives.  

As you listen to the stories that are shared, have one ear tuned toward the one speaking, and one ear turned toward God, listening for what God might be saying in and through the stories of your lives.  

Bring your journal with you to these gatherings, and take notes on each others stories in order to help you pray for and with each other.  

Don't rush through this season of gathering.  Schedule no more than two stories per gathering during this season, and expect each sharing to take no less than 15 minutes.  

After each story is shared, allow time for questions, clarifications and affirmations.


The Reading The Day


Questions for sharing stories.

  1. Where did you grow up and who was gathered around your family table?
  2. Share a unique/interesting challenge or experience from your childhood. How or was it discussed around your family table?
  3. How did you end up at this Common Table/at All Saints’? 


Listen to each other's stories.  Give thanks for God's grace in each, and pray for God's love for the one sharing.


- Share prayer requests, both joys and concerns.

- Pray for what is shared.

- Pray especially for those who shared their stories

- Conclude with The Lord's Prayer and by singing The Doxology.

Greg Moore